Sarah Brokaw is a professional therapist and coach specializing in relational dynamics who encourages patients and clients to discover their authentic selves, empowering them to reach their full potential and live rewarding lives.

In her new book Fortytude, Sarah examines the fears and truths facing women about to embark on their fifth decade—after turning the dreaded “4-0”. Sarah notes, “As we say goodbye to our youth, we lose our carefree sense of being immortal and having all the time in the world to figure out our lives. Many of us experience fear of the future. This book’s purpose is to help us remove our hands from our eyes and face our fears—and moreover, to transcend them.” (Click book jacket photo to purchase your copy today!)
Sarah’s research, in speaking with women individually and through larger discussion groups, revealed that all women, regardless of circumstances, found themselves drawn to what she calls “Core Values: grace, connectedness, accomplishment, adventure, and spirituality.” Fortytude explores these values in depth and highlights the life stories of women who exemplify how to meet “life’s challenges with fortitude instead of fear” finding “confidence, joy, and peace along the way.”

Many of us at Not Ready For Granny Panties have passed the “4-0” mark. (Some of us quite a while ago!) Yet, we still find ourselves searching for meaningful lives and a sense of joy. We asked Sarah to share some of her thoughts on aging and how women can live fulfilling lives as they move on from raising children to celebrating whatever comes next. Here’s what she had to say:

“Who said there is an expiration date in your life?  Many women feel that somehow, at the age of 40,  they feel that the opportunity to do something else in life has expired such as, trying a new sport,  starting entering and/or re-entering the workforce, trying a new sex position, going on a really fun date. etc… I believe that everything can be done because there is no such thing as an expiration date in our lives.  Unless we are six feet under….”

Here at NRFGP, we fully endorse Sarah’s perspective. We aren’t cartons of milk, ladies–no expiration date–so get out there and live! Our thanks to Sarah for taking the time to visit with us. Be sure to purchase your copy of Fortytude at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or Borders books today.

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