Today we’re bringing you a real bargain, with products totaling just over $25!
It’s mid-July and if you’re like me, your skin is feeling as parched as the water-starved earth. Why not take a few minutes and indulge yourself in some skin-loving spa products?
Yes, it’s back to T.J. Maxx for some beauty bargains! (Descriptions and prices below photo.)
Selection varies by store, so spend some time on you and choose a few lovely, scented, skin-nourishing things to pamper yourself.
It’s like having your own private spa–without having to take your clothes off and put on a strange robe. (Too reminiscent of the gyno’s office for me!)
Enjoy pampering yourself; your skin will thank you!
Cucumber Eye Pads                             $6.99
Citrus Peel Rejuvinating Shower Gel      $5.99
Olive Facial Balance Moisturizer            $5.99  (retail $19.99!)
Perlier Olivarium Treatment Butter        $6.99 (retail $40!)
Grand Total:                                        $25.96