4 Chicks Chatting–A New Podcast!

From 0 to iTunes in 5 weeks. Five weeks is how long it took for my clearly insane tribe of four women to decide to "put on a show" and create, record, and launch a podcast, 4 Chicks Chatting, now available on iTunes. Like most of us, my mastermind "chicks" and I approached the New Year as a time to reboot, try new things, and make plans to advance our businesses. Unlike most [...]

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Too Hot to Do…Anything

It’s. Freaking. Hot. Excuse the borderline profanity, but frankly, nothing else, aside from the actual profanity, adequately expresses how freaking hot it is. This entire summer has blasted the East Coast--and likely the rest of the U.S., but I'm so self-absorbed and crushed by the heat that I'm not sure--with searing, open the freezer just to stick your head in, I'm going to burst into flames any moment, temperatures. In fact, it's been [...]

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My Father’s Hands

By: Mary Fran Bontempo I wrote this piece a number of years ago, but I like to rerun it around Father's Day, because despite the fact that my dad has been gone for twenty years, I still miss him every day. This is for you, Dad, and Happy Father's Day to all the wonderful dads out there. My Father's Hands I remember my father’s hands. They were perfect “man” hands, large, rectangular, just [...]

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Walkin’ in a Menopause Wonderland–A Cracked Christmas Carol!

By: Mary Fran Bontempo   Every year, the joyous music of Christmas Carols fills the air. However, few songs accurately convey the true experience of the season. Here’s my version (sung to the tune of "Winter Wonderland") for we ladies in the middle. Feel free to sing along!       Walkin' in a Menopause Wonderland   Sleigh bells ring; Are you listenin’? Though it’s cold, my skin is glistenin’. A frightening sight, [...]

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Returning the Bling–Pope Benedict Gives Back the Shoes and the Ring

By: Mary Fran Bontempo To hear an audio version of this post, click the play arrow below. They asked for the shoes and the jewelry back. Once the now-former Pope Benedict XVI announced that he would be retiring from the papacy (and who knew that was an option?), his title as head of the world’s 1.18 billion Catholics wasn’t the only thing he had to return. The ex-Pope does get to keep a [...]

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Anne Hathaway and Her Perky Friends

By: Mary Fran BontempoTo hear an audio version of this post, click the play arrow below. That Anne Hathaway. She's a perky little thing, isn't she?Well, part of her is perky. Make that parts. Two parts, specifically, standing at attention in all of their perky glory at the Oscars Sunday night.Adding her name to a long list of "really rich women who for some reason forget to look in their mirrors before leaving [...]

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When the Smart Phone Outsmarts the Owner

By: Mary Fran Bontempo To hear an audio version of this post, click the play arrow below. Two hundred seventeen. That was the total number of text messages on my cell phone as of last Thursday. Most of them were recent, but a large number were from my kids and friends, saying something sweet or funny. Some were birthday wishes from my last birthday eight months ago. I kept feel-good messages so that whenever [...]

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